The following must be noted on the issues of media and the law.

The law imposes certain restrictions relating to publications that belong to certain classes of court proceedings. the media may not publish the following, names of parties in the divorce proceedings ( until recently, this principle only applied to divorcing parties who have minor children, but now it also covers those who do not have minor children), name/s accused person/s in police custody who who is/are yet to appear and has not been charged as yet ( section 69 of the police Act, 1995), names of witnesses in custody who are to give evidence in any proceedings.  

It is for this reasons that, unlike we saw recently in Oscar’s case where the media made an application to have live broadcast of the court proceedings, the court likewise will not grant such application to have proceedings broadcast in certain cases, such as cases involving children.

So the right to open justice will be tempered with in that case. other cases include matters that if broadcast will compromise national security, cases involving sexual offenses of minor children and inquest cases among others.